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Where to look for valuable vitamins, minerals and other immunity strengthening components?
These are our prompts:

Lemons and limes - because of very high vitamin contents (especially vitamin C) they are often used in prophylactics of scurvy, cold and various inflammatory conditions.
Grapefruit - is a powerful source of vitamin C which strengthens our immune system, protects against detrimental effects of free radicals.
Apples – contain antioxidants (among others, vitamin C and phenols).
Orange - one orange provides the human organism with 116% of daily demand for vitamin C.
Currants - this fruit has got much vitamin C and potassium, while it is not caloric. Currants are very helpful in cold treatment, improve the complexion, stimulate metabolism and strengthen the immune system.
Kiwi - lots of vitamin C.
Raspberries - contain twice as much vitamin C as blueberries, quite a lot of vitamin B2 and more manganese and zinc than other fruits. The organic acids of raspberries enhance appetite and the components contained in raspberries increase the organism immunity.
Blackberry juice, frozen blackberries – condensed vitamin C.
Cabbage - both fresh cabbage and sauerkraut are splendid sources of vitamin C.
Red paprika – lots of vitamin C, iron, beta carotene, lycopene (antioxidant).
Parsley leaves – lots of beta carotene and vitamin C.
Leek – o vitamin C, beta carotene, potassium and phosphate.
Yoghurts and cultured milk products - probiotic bacteria make our organism stronger.

And another serving proposal:


The Silky Raspberry Shake is not only a real treat for the palate but is also outstanding for general health: As our grandmothers already knew, raspberry can have a positive effect on fever and can help fight infections.
  • Raspberry juice
  • Cream yoghurt
  • A piece of vanilla pod
Mix thoroughly raspberry juice with cooled cream yoghurt and vanilla pod fragments and pour into high glasses. Serve with straw.


Nobody wants to be ill when snow-capped slopes encourage for white extravagancies, the end of the year requires enhanced activity at work and the carnival season seduces with parties and meetings. When you feel that cold may upset our plans, serve yourself this fruit cocktail, so intensive in taste and effect! Large vitamin contents will add strength to fight viruses and provide immunity against their attack, while the fibre will improve metabolism.
  • 100 ml of aronia juice
  • 100 ml of blackberry juice
  • 1 orange
  • Fresh mint leaves
Mix the juices with orange pieces in a blender. Pour into a high glass, decorate with orange skin spirals and mint leaves.

  • Cigarettes, alcohol and stress are the competitors which should always be in the opposite team, so that you could easily defeat them.
  • If your friend sneezes, coughs, has caught angina or flu, try to postpone the visit until he/she recovers. There is still a … phone call to your friend;)

It reduces the thickness of mucus in the airways.