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Infections interfere with our everyday life, decelerate our activity, and many of us have, unfortunately, extensive experience in this field, because we have had many infections.

Thus, what can be done to reduce the number of such experiences in future?

We have prepared for you a few principles which are worth remembering and which will help you to remain healthy even in the periods of increased risk.

Immunity is essential!

The organism can be strengthened for the whole year:
  • If the sun starts blinking at you, do not avoid its light, it is your ally (15 minutes a day in the sun is, however, enough).
  • Keep walking! in the spring, in summer, in winter, as well as during the autumn! Fresh air is your best partner for long walks to build up your immunity. Remember only to adjust your clothes to the season, temperature and weather conditions. And do not forget to invite your walking partner from time to time to your flat.
  • Your organism loves high protein diets, as well as fruits and vegetables, thus indulge your organism with a little „sensual pleasure” ;)