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When we are ill, it is so difficult to defend ourselves… We are weak, sleepy, and our reactions resemble a slow motion film… Infection! An enemy attacking without a warning! So, if we have caught it, what should we do to defeat the enemy as soon as possible?

Some proven tips helpful in a campaign against this enemy are given below:
  • Vitamins are always on your side – therefore, supply your diet with vitamin preparations, preferably with fresh fruit, which will strengthen your organism, targeting its energy for infection fighting instead for digesting heavy foods.
  • During disease our organism is easily dehydrated, therefore, drink a lot of liquids (especially fruit teas and juices) which will help your organism in water supplementation and you in expectorating secretion. The perfect juice to drink is freshly squeezed orange juice as it contains lots of Vitamin C.
  • Fresh air is also helpful in elimination of infection but do remember that when your room is aired, you should move to another one.
  • During infection stay alert to temperature changes, as infected organism is more sensitive.
  • If you feel really unwell, do not be afraid to go to bed.
  • Remember to adhere to physician’s recommendations with regards to drugs intake.