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There are two variants of the activity. It is a nice occasion to practice with your child how different colors are called :-)

The first version requires a ball or a small pillow.
We throw it to each other and say the names of different colors – but one of them „burns your hands” – it is black, and the ball cannot be caught if somebody says that.

The second version involves finding associations. The first person lists 3-5 objects that can be associated with a particular color and then gives the name of the next color for the next person :-)


Do you remember this game from your childhood?

If you do, you know that any question should be answered: Tomato!

If viruses have invaded your house and your Little One is sad and depressed – try to provide some amusement, because laughing is healthy :-)
Two people are enough to play this game. One asks questions, trying to amuse the partner, who has to answer: Tomato! to all the question. If he/she makes a mistake, says something different or starts laughing – the game is over and you change the roles :-)


If more of your children are ill, you can play Rumor together.

The person who starts the game invents a word or a sentence that is whispered in the ear of the next persons, who whisper what they heard – or they think they heard to other players. The last person speaks aloud the message heard. Do you remember the fun when the final message turned out to be completely different from the initial one? :-)

Coloring pictures

If your child loves coloring pictures, and there are no picture books to be colored, Mum and dad can draw better than anybody else! :-)

Take a white sheet of paper and a pencil or a felt pen. Ask your child what picture would he/she like to color and draw a contour of the person or the object. You can recall your own childhood and feel as if you were about eight years old :-)
You can color the picture together, or after finishing the first one you can sk your child to draw a picture for you to color. :-)
Such activity develops imagination!

Activities with letters

If your Darling is already a schoolchild and knows all letters, you can practice them by playing this game – just you two or the whole family.

The first person gives a word, and the next one has to find another word beginning with the letter that ends the previous one. To make it more difficult, each eord can be used only once :-)