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During an illness, our Little Ones are very weak, sleepy, tired and without appetite. For this reasons, we should remember some principles that will allow our child to recover and return to normal mischievous activity, which every parent starts to miss when the child is ill:

Twinkle, twinkle, little star…

A disease leads to weakness of the whole organism, and combat against the infection exhausts the little body so that the child should sleep as much as possible. Do not worry that your Little One is very sleepy in the evening despite a few naps during the day, it is normal! However, if you have a problem with making your child sleep during the day, instead of the afternoon nap you can organize some calm activity, e.g. reading a favorite book (we know you have read it many times and you could play the role of Snow White, the Cat in Boots, or Mickey Mouse, but Mother would do everything for your Little Darling ;). You can also choose an activity from our list of ideas published in the section „Popular activities and games”, under the heading: „When the child is ill”.

Inhale and exhale!

When your ill child sleeps peacefully, thousands of germs are present around, so, when it wakes up, it is time for the Supermum to get rid of them. Fresh air will be your ally. Of course the room should be aired when your child is not staying there. Remember that it should not be too hot in the house, because dry air is not indicated in case of an infection, as it causes dryness of the mucous membranes and makes breathing more difficult. When central heating is on, try to ensure appropriate level of humidity by hanging wet towels around your child’s bed. You can also buy a special device to control humidity in your house.
When your child starts to improve in a well-prepared and tidy house, you will also be able to exhale with relief!

For the mother, for the father!

When your child is ill, appropriate nutrition and support of some food products that will restore strength of the organism is necessary for recovery. Appetite and infection play in the opposite teams, so do not worry if your child does not want to eat the whole meal, (the appetite will probably improve after recovery;)). However, the more the child drinks, the better. The organism of your Little One is dehydrated like a desert and waiting for „something wet” – so drinks should be supplied in abundance: mineral water, juice or tea. During febrile periods, diarrhea with vomiting and respiratory tract disorders fluids prevent dehydration of the organism.

Let us play with soap…

The organism of your child likes warmth during the illness, but the skin should be clean. Infections are associated with sweating, and the skin has problems with correct functioning, is more susceptible to irritations and inflammations.

Mommy is the best!

There is one more thing you surely know – nothing helps to recover as well as loving parents – Mum and Dad, for whom their child is the most important person in the world ;)