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It happens that common cold or flu becomes complicated by acute bronchitis.
Dry and heavy cough my occur, changing after a few days into wet cough that can be purulent. Also, ill-being and fever can occur. It is easier to catch bronchitis infection in winter because of elevated air humidity and temperatures around 0oC. Susceptibility to infection is also increased by smoking cigarettes (or passive smoking).

Bronchitis is diagnosed by physician by traditional physical examination, performed during patient’s visit: by identification of auscultatory changes in bronchia and from additional exhausting symptoms, such as cough and fever, in history.

Persistent wet cough may be alleviated by mucous secretion diluting agents. It is also recommended to stay in bed, but when there is a reappearance of symptoms and fever rises, while respiration is accompanied by dyspnoea, it is necessary to seek for consultation with physician who may prescribe antibiotic therapy as a bacterial infection might have come on top.